Recommended System and Internet Requirements

Unlike a traditional venue for a live event, virtual events have made laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more the venue! With so many options for hardware and software to choose from, along with the connectivity that goes along with them, we have a few recommendations for event planners and attendees to help them achieve the best performance when using PheedLoop's tech.

Optimal Setup

A general rule of thumb is that any modern browser and high-speed internet connection is all that's really needed to run PheedLoop itself. The best setup we've found is using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop machine, with an internet connection offering at least 5 Mbps download speed. You can test your internet speed here. We've found Google Chrome is most compatible with third-party plugins that events sometimes tend to integrate PheedLoop with.

Supported Browsers

Any major, modern browser is supported. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and even Microsoft Edge. We cannot guarantee the same if a third-party integration is being used in PheedLoop, but we've rarely found browser incompatibility issues if a modern version of any of the aforementioned browsers is being used.

Note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser due to it being incompatible with modern web performance and security standards

Device Types

PheedLoop's virtual event system is best experienced on a laptop or desktop device, though it is responsive and compatible with tablets and smartphones. Tablets and smartphones are best suited for view-only experiences, as PheedLoop relies on several technologies that are best compatible with full browsers (e.g. video chats through PheedLoop Meet). As a point of reference, our statistics show that 95% of virtual event attendees use laptop or desktop devices. If you are using the Zoom integration, it is currently not compatible with mobile devices (Zoom has said a future update to their software will better support mobile devices).


Everybody has different browser configurations and network settings/restrictions which, in extreme cases, may warrant trying a different browser and/or network just to have a clean environment to engage with PheedLoop through. In case something isn't working, to isolate the root cause, we often suggest trying:

  1. Private/incognito window in your browser
  2. Different browser (see Supported Browsers above)
  3. Disabling any operating system level VPNs or firewalls which may be blocking a specific website
  4. Different network
  5. Different computer

If you continue to experience an issue after trying these options, please get in touch with us and share a full-screen screenshot.

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