Integrating the Curator Social Media Feed is a powerful social media aggregation platform that PheedLoop offers a native and streamlined integration with. In particular, creating a free Curator account will allow you to display a social media feed in your virtual event's lobby or event app home page, pulling in posts from multiple social media sources - from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and RSS as examples.

Tip! While most events use Curator's free account, Curator does offer affordable monthly plans for more advanced features. If you do purchase a paid plan, feel free to use the code "friends-of-pheedloop" for 20% off for life. PheedLoop as a company does not benefit in any way from your choice to purchase a paid version of Curator.

Step 1 - Create an Account at

Visit and sign up for an account

Step 2 - Add Sources

At this point, we recommend following along with Curator's own steps in their dashboard as they're great and complete, but the basic idea behind Curator is that you have Sources and Feeds. We recommend exploring their knowledge base as it contains a wealth of information. Especially the Sources & Feeds section.

To start, you'll need to add a Source. A source allows you to pull in posts from a variety of social networks. Follow Curator's steps to create one or more Sources.

Step 3 - Curate Posts

You typically don't have to do much at this step, unless you want to customize the posts that are in the feed pulling from the sources you've added. If nothing else, you can visit the Curate section to view all the posts your feed has pulled in. Sometimes you may want to delete some posts that may have been fetched from sources, which you can do here. Currently, PheedLoop's integration with Curator does not support pulling in custom posts. To learn more about the advanced functions curation allows, such as rules, explore the Curator knowledge base.

Step 4 - Integrate Curator's Feed into PheedLoop

The final step! Click on the Style section in your Curator dashboard (the lightning bolt on the left-hand side menu). You don't have to worry about the styling settings much, because we override them in our integration as you are using PheedLoop to display your Curator feed, and we tweak the style to match your event's branding. All you need to do is grab the Feed ID and paste it into PheedLoop.

  1. From Curator's Style section, click on Feed ID, and copy the value
  2. In your PheedLoop dashboard, under Experiences > Virtual, paste the Feed ID into the Social Feed ID field
  3. Open up your virtual event portal's lobby, and you'll see the styled feed ready to go

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