Importing Attendees into an Event

If you're using a third-party registration system or have some other reason for bringing attendees into your event from a source outside PheedLoop's own registration system, you're going to want to import attendees. Importing attendees is extremely simple and easy to do, either as individuals or in bulk. You can do this as often as you like as well, without duplicating data.

Duplicate Attendee Profiles

The unique identifier for an attendee in the PheedLoop system is their email address. As long as that is the same, no matter how many times you import the same attendee into the system, PheedLoop will simply update that attendee's record, not create a duplicate. If you do notice what you believe is a duplicated profile, open that attendee's record in your dashboard via the Attendee module, and compare it to the one you believe is the duplicate. You are likely to find that there is a subtle difference in the email address.

The capitalization (i.e. upper or lower cases) of email addresses does not matter, as all email addresses are immediately converted to lower case email addresses when brought into PheedLoop.

Importing a Single Attendee

Visit the Attendees module in your dashboard, and click on the green Create button. Simply fill in the details, and submit the form. In case the attendee already exists in your database, you may need to edit the existing profile instead of creating a new one. Although there are many fields available to fill in, the only required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Importing Multiple Attendees

To import attendees in bulk, say prior to a PheedLoop powered event for which you've been using a third-party registration tool, a simple to use bulk import tool exists.

  1. From the main Attendees table, click on the upload button (a cloud symbol with an upward pointing arrow) located in the header of the table on the left-hand side. Once the modal opens up, click on the blue Download Template button.
  2. The downloaded CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet editor (e.g. Excel, Sheets, LibreOffice Calc) and if you already have attendees, you will notice their information is already populated. The best file type to import is a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) file type.
  3. To insert new attendee data, and fill in the 'FirstName", "lastName", and "email" fields
  4. Save the file, and click on the upload button back in the Attendees table in the PheedLoop dashboard (a cloud symbol with an upwards pointing arrow) located in the header of the table on the left-hand side
  5. Browse for or drag in the recently saved file into the popup modal, and you'll see a table quickly render your CSV data giving you a preview of the data you will be uploading
  6. If the upload preview looks good, submit the file, and wait for the upload to complete

Using PheedLoop's Open API

PheedLoop's open API (available here) provides a highly customizable way for you to bridge different software systems and/or automate your workflows. While we cannot provide support with the development of your own code, we suggest exploring the "attendees" section of the API. Specifically, the add attendees PUT endpoint can be used to import attendees via custom code.  

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