Translating Text, Phrases, Buttons and Labels

Almost every event that runs on PheedLoop, at some point, wants to replace the default text on a button or label at the very least. Whether it's because you have a different spelling or phrase to describe something, or you want to provide a translated version of some text next to its English counterpart (e.g. in French for our Canadian friends), the use-cases are endless for a flexible text translation system.

PheedLoop's translation system is extremely easy to use, but note that the things you can translate are restricted to buttons and labels on web-based interfaces and portals (with the exception of the mobile event app). This includes everything from your virtual event, call for abstracts, website, registration, exhibitor portals, and many more. For larger blocks of text, PheedLoop typically offers the ability to customize them as a whole (e.g. event description, registration success message, etc.) or they are fields fully defined by you (e.g. session description, speaker bio, exhibitor description, etc.).

Step 1 - Locate an Item to Translate

Again, the best and most compatible items that can be translated are buttons and labels, so we'll choose one as an example for the purpose of this article. Open up your virtual event portal, and notice the menu items on the left-hand side. Let's attempt to translate the menu item called "Sessions" to "Schedule".

Step 2 - Create a Translation

Visit Advanced > Translations in your event's dashboard. Click on Create to start a new translation. All you need to do now is enter in the original text and the modified text.

  • Be careful with the original text you are entering. It needs to match the text you want to translate exactly. Be careful not to accidentally include extra spaces.
  • The modified text supports custom HTML. Typically this is not needed, and you should just enter in plain text, but you can include custom HTML and formatted text as well. Use this with caution as well.
  • Everything you do here is 100% reversible. If something doesn't look right, just delete the translation and you'll be back where you started.

Step 3 - Confirm Translation

Return to the interface you were attempting to translate, and simply refresh the page. You should see the new translated text show immediately!

In case the translation does not work, review the tips in Step 2. Also, recall that translations are really meant for buttons and labels primarily. They can, and often do, work for input placeholders, headers, dates, badges, and more but it is not guaranteed in every case. Given the thousands of text fields in PheedLoop, we do not have a complete list of which bit of text is translatable and which isn't. Experiment with the translations to see how much you can customize PheedLoop!

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