How to Enable Streams for Virtual Sessions

The enable stream function is essentially your "go live" button for any particular session. It allows you to switch that session from any pre-roll content you may have (optional) to your live content. Your live content may be anything from a pre-recorded video or a Zoom webinar integration, to a custom RTMP integration (e.g. Vimeo Live). The bottom line is, it doesn't really matter what it is that you're using to stream your actual content unless you want it to always be available, you're going to want it to go live at some specific point in time.

Using a Pre-Roll Video for Your Sessions

For various reasons ranging from promoting sponsors to sharing instructions, pre-roll videos are a powerful way to give your attendees something to engage with before your session actually goes live. This is an entirely optional step, but we recommend setting pre-roll content for your sessions. To do so, you can do one of two things:

  1. Set a global pre-roll video which will apply to all sessions by visiting General > Virtual and uploading an MP4 file to the Global Pre-Roll Video field
  2. Set a session-specific pre-roll video (overrides global pre-roll video, if set) by visiting Sessions, selecting the session you'd like to edit, and uploading an MP4 file to the Pre-Roll Video field

Setting a Session to Go Live

Very simply, setting a session to go live requires visiting Sessions, selecting the session you'd like to go live and select Enable Stream. If a pre-roll video was set for the session or event, and the session is not currently set to be live, the pre-roll video will be playing in a constant loop. The animation below demonstrates what it looks like to start without the session set to live, showing a pre-roll video, then setting the session to go live and watching the screen transition to the actual content. The attendee never has to refresh the page or change anything on their end, they just sit back and wait.

Setting Multiple Sessions to Go Live at Once

PheedLoop does not have the ability for the Enable Stream option to be enabled automatically, but it does have the ability for you to apply the Enable Stream setting for multiple sessions at the same time. To achieve this, use the bulk editing function for sessions by selecting all the sessions you want to set to live from the table under Sessions in your dashboard, clicking on the blue Actions button, and selecting Edit. Select the checkbox next to Enable Stream, adjust the setting as you'd like for all the sessions in question, and submit your changes.

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