Masking or Redirecting Domains to Use Your Own URL

Domain Masking vs. Domain Redirecting

In some instances, organizations are looking to use their own domain and URL with the PheedLoop system to white label portals like the event website or virtual event portal. There are two common techniques that are used to accomplish this, called domain masking and domain redirects. Domain masking allows you to maintain your own URL in the browser's address bar, and domain redirecting points anyone accessing your host URL to the final URL but changes the URL in the browser's address bar to your PheedLoop URL. Regardless of whether you use either of these techniques, you can always use a short representation of your event's brand in the PheedLoop URL via your event's dashboard (General > Details > Custom URL Extension).

Domain Masking

Domain masking is a function that depends on your domain registrar and/or hosting company, so there is not one single solution or set of steps we can provide. Most domain registrars that offer this functionality simply require you to specify the final URL (e.g. your PheedLoop event website or virtual event portal) for the root or subdomain of your choice.

If you are looking to add an SSL certificate (the feature which allows your domain to render with the secure lock symbol in browser address bars and switch http to https), then you need to attach the certificate which you also obtain from your registrar to your host domain or subdomain. This is purely for display purposes though, as the underlying page on the PheedLoop side is fully secure even though the masked URL may not be. Data is only transmitted in actuality via the masked URL, which is the secure PheedLoop domain.

Some fairly popular domain registrars describe how to execute the domain masking function in their own knowledge bases, which you can use as a starting point:

  • GoDaddy (called Domain Forwarding)
  • SiteGround (a very simple example of how domain masking works in general, can be applied with any hosting company)
  • Namecheap (called URL Framing)

If domain masking for registration is required, please contact our support team for more details.

Domain Redirecting

Domain redirecting is even simpler than domain masking. We recommend a quick Google search for "domain redirecting" with your domain provider's name as well, and you're almost certainly going to find an article that describes how it works. All you would need to do is point your domain or subdomain to the final URL, and anyone who visits the host URL will instantly be redirected to your PheedLoop URL. An SSL certificate is typically not required here, even for vanity purposes, because the URL quickly switches over to the final URL - but some organizations still attached a certificate.

Masking Domains for Registration

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