Formatting YouTube Video Links

YouTube links are included in various parts of the PheedLoop system. Although fully optional, as there are native ways to host videos in most instances, some exhibitors and sponsors, in particular, may choose to embed a YouTube video instead of uploading to PheedLoop directly. You or your exhibitor may set a YouTube URL, to later find out that the playback does not work and you see an error that looks like this:

An error occurred. Please try again later. (YouTube error)

Ensure the URL is Clean

You must ensure you're pasting a clean YouTube URL into PheedLoop. A clean YouTube URL looks something like where VIDEO_ID is the custom identifier for your video. To get the URL for the video, you simply need to copy the URL directly from your browser when watching the YouTube video. A common issue with the URL is including some content after the VIDEO_ID, such as a timestamp. If you have anything after the VIDEO_ID, especially if it starts with an ampersand (&), delete it including the ampersand, and retry the video.

For example, if you pasted it in, remove the &t=10 text, to result in

Check the Video's Settings in YouTube

There are a lot of settings in YouTube itself which may be preventing the video from playing when embedded. Our suggestion is to review these settings. For example, YouTube describes Restrict Embedding. You may also have restrictions set on geography, privacy, or have copyright issues, as additional examples. It's quite rare that video settings prevent playback, but it does happen.

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