Customizing the Event Website with CSS Styles and JavaScript

Note: Custom styles and scripts are things our team cannot assist with or provide support for, so we recommend you have someone with web development experience to assist you with this. Any effects custom styles and scripts may have are fully reversible by simply deleting the content, so there is no inherent risk in applying them and experimenting. We may provide templates or examples for you to use as well, which are provided as-is and are meant to be examples for you to use and modify.

Inserting Custom CSS and JavaScript

To apply custom CSS and JavaScript to your whole event website, visit Event Website > Settings in your dashboard, and set the Custom Script field. To apply custom CSS and JavaScript to the contents of a specific section only, visit Event Website > Sections, select the section you would like to edit, and set the Custom Script field.

To insert custom CSS, wrap your CSS within <style> </style> and <script> </script> tags.

For example, if you would like to hide the page header, insert the following into the website's custom script field:

	#page-header { display: none; }

For example, if you would like to show a standard JavaScript alert to visitors every time they open a page, insert the following into the website's custom script field:

	alert("Hello world!");

The same logic applies to website sections and inserting custom styles and scripts where the impact is scoped down to the section itself for the customizations.

Inserting Common Snippets

Often times, the above is not necessary for many events as all they are trying to do is insert common snippets like Google Analytics. In that case, grab the custom code those sites offer you, and simply paste them into the Event Website > Settings > Custom Script field.

Examples of Customized Websites

Countless events powered by PheedLoop have customized their websites to look absolutely stunning. We see them sometimes, and can't even recognize that they are PheedLoop websites! Although we cannot provide the code for these websites as they are private to the organizations which built them, we hope they can serve as inspiration for you and any designer you may hire to help you customize your design.

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