Creating Help Content for Your Virtual Attendees

Every event is different, and that's a good thing! From the features and design to logistics and most importantly, the attendee base. Most events that run on PheedLoop host attendees who are able to use and navigate the PheedLoop virtual event platform with little to no instruction and guidance. Others need some support, which is why PheedLoop has the ability for you to customize the help section in your virtual event portal with custom content and videos. 

Our recommendation is to use custom help content to cover specific topics for your event or specific functions that you feel your attendees may struggle with. It's less helpful to describe extremely basic functions as it will clutter your help content. Keep it short, and to the point, especially for text instructions. There are two options, which can be used together as well, to allow you to create help content within your virtual event portal.

Option 1 - Text Instructions

Visit General > Virtual, and set the Instructions field.

Text instructions allow you to include HTML formatting any custom instructional content you prefer. You can create sections with headers, for example, covering important aspects of your virtual event experience. You can embed images, create numbered lists/steps, link out to third-party websites, promote sponsors, etc.

Option 2 - Video Instructions

Visit General > Virtual, and upload a video to the Instructional Video field.

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth at least twice that much, right? In all seriousness, videos, especially short ones, are extremely effective ways to communicate new or advanced ideas very quickly. Any instructional video you embed will show up at the top of the help content window, above any instructional text. You're able to upload a 100 MB MP4 file, which is usually 2 - 10 minutes in length depending on the video quality. Instructional videos are generally used to provide a high-level overview and introduction to the virtual event.

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