Troubleshooting the Zoom Integration

The purpose of this article is not to explain how to set up Zoom, but to share some of the common issues and questions event planners may encounter. If you have not yet integrated Zoom, follow this tutorial.

With Zoom being one of PheedLoop's most popular integrations, at least on the virtual events side of things, the volume of usage alone lends itself to many common questions sent our way - most with very simple answers. Zoom's integration with PheedLoop is one which leverages the Web API method that Zoom offers - it's not the full Zoom experience as it's designed for integration. So it functions slightly differently than the full Zoom system.

Attendees are Seeing a Captcha When Joining

You're likely integrating Zoom incorrectly. When editing a session under the Sessions module, under the session's virtual settings you have a dedicated area for Zoom to enter in the meeting/webinar ID and password. Ensure you're filling in those fields, and not just dropping in a link to the Zoom meeting in the Custom Stream Link field. The former will ensure you're actually using the Zoom integration. Note that this also requires you to have inputted your Zoom API keys into your PheedLoop account which you should have done when setting up the integration initially.

Getting the "Meeting Not Started", "Meeting Does Not Exist", or "Wrong Meeting Password" Error

Ensure that you have started the meeting/webinar in Zoom, and if that doesn't work, ensure that the meeting you have started corresponds to the meeting ID you inputted into the session in PheedLoop you are viewing. Sometimes people make small typos, and it's critical to get the meeting ID and password combination precisely correct. You may also want to double-check the API keys that you entered into PheedLoop to ensure they are correct as well. We know there are a lot of numbers and IDs to manage, but once you get it right you're going to be all set.

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