Customizing Email Templates

What Are Email Templates?

Email templates play a very important role in the PheedLoop system. They are a set of pre-written emails that are sent within a certain context. In other words, they are connected to some automated or manual workflow triggered within the PheedLoop system such as confirmation emails upon successful registration, invitations to the virtual event portal, reminders for incomplete proposals, etc. The email templates are pre-populated with default content, but you have the ability to modify the content.

How Do I Edit Email Templates?

If you visit the Communications > Email Templates section, you will be able to preview these email templates. If you click on any of the email templates, there will be a clear description of what workflow in the PheedLoop system the template is tied to, and the subject and body text will be pre-populated with our default content. You cannot add custom tokens inside the text fields, the emails themselves, depending on the context in which they are sent, will be populated with relevant dynamic information. For example, the Virtual Portal Welcome email will contain a call-to-action button and login credentials automatically appended to below the email's body text.

Can I Add More Email Templates?

First-time PheedLoop users sometimes ask about adding new email templates. This is not possible, because it's not what email templates are designed to be. Recall that they are pre-defined emails that are triggered by a specific PheedLoop workflow. If you're looking to send out customized emails to your attendees, the correct approach is to use the Announcements feature under the Communications module.

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