How Time Zones Work in PheedLoop

Time zones have never been more important than they are today. Especially for virtual events that may host attendees from all over the world, we've seen some events that have attendees spanning more than 10 time zones at once. It's incredibly exciting, but also a logistical challenge like none other. PheedLoop does its best to handle time zones for you in the most logical way possible to limit confusion and maximize engagement.

How Do I Set My Event's Time Zone?

Your event is going to need one main time zone as a point of reference for all the other time zones attendees may be joining from. It's critically important that you set this, and this can be set in the Event Dashboard.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to General > Details
  2. Scroll down to Dates & Location
  3. Under the Timezone field, select the city for your event
  4.  Select Save Changes
The time zone will now be changed for your event.

What Time Zone is Used in My Event's Website?

Keep in mind that the event website is a public-facing portal, it is not the virtual event portal, event app, or anything else. An example of an event website is available here. If you've purchased the event website, it will always show dates and times in your event's selected time zone. The schedule and sessions website sections will show a permanent small label that states all dates and times are listed on the event website in the event's time zone (e.g. "Dates and Times in US/Eastern Time Zone"). We've found that not adapting the event website's time zone is ideal to limit confusion for prospective attendees, as it is not a real-time interface like the virtual event portal.

What Time Zone is Used in My Event's Virtual Portal?

PheedLoop automatically detects an attendee's time zone when they login to PheedLoop, and this time zone detection is based on what they have selected in their operating system's date/time settings. As a result, all dates and times in the virtual event portal are automatically adjusted to display in the attendee's local time zone so that they do not need to convert anything. Their local time zone is also listed next to each session's date and time when the session is clicked into on the session's individual page (not in the list of sessions). An attendee's detected time zone is also listed in their "Account" section of the virtual event portal.

What Time Zone is Used in My Event's Mobile App?

If you've purchased a mobile app for your event, the time zone for PheedLoop Go! will follow the timezone set in the Event Dashboard. The time zone on the attendee’s mobile device will not impact the event app. The set timezone is also visible in the Schedule page of the Event App.

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