Restricting Access to Sessions Based on Tags and Tickets

Whether attendees need a paid registration, need to be a part of a specific group (e.g. voting members), or need to register in advance because spots are limited, there are a vast number of reasons you may want to restrict access to sessions for your event. This doesn't mean you need to restrict access to the entire event to a certain subset of people (though you can do that too), but gated access to specific content is an important feature for many events for financial, regulatory, or strategic reasons.

There are two primary ways you can restrict access to sessions, and we'll cover how all of them work. You can combine them as well. To implement any of these options, open up the session you'd like to edit via the Sessions module in your PheedLoop dashboard, and head over to the session's advanced settings. 

For virtual events, in the virtual event portal, if an attendee visits a session they do not have access to they'll see a screen that looks like the graphic below. The image itself cannot be changed, but custom translations can be used to change the text above if you'd like. See Translating Text, Phrases, Buttons and Labels.

For on-site events, if you are using the session check-in scanner in the mobile event app, upon scanning an attendee's badge if they do not meet the criteria for entry, you will receive a pop-up in the app interface alerting you that the attendee cannot gain entry to the session.

Option 1 - Ticket Restrictions

In order for this form of restricted access to work, you must be using PheedLoop's registration system and have tickets created. If you are not using our registration system, please use the other options to restrict access to sessions such

Restricting access based on tickets associated with an attendee's account is a powerful way to bridge your PheedLoop registration experience and the opportunity to provide privileged access. Imagine creating different tiers or levels of tickets, and depending on what tier of ticket(s) an attendee has associated with their profile, they are allowed into certain sessions. To enable ticket-based restrictions for a session, select the tickets via a session's Ticket Based Restrictions setting. Selecting one or more ticket means an attendee simply needs to have one of the tickets you selected in order to gain access, not all.

Option 2 - Tag Restrictions

If you're not using PheedLoop built-in registration system, this method is particularly helpful but it is also helpful in general as most events rely heavily on tags to segment communication, promote filtering, identifiers on badges on-site, and for internal data management. Tags can be created via Attendees > Tags in your dashboard, and can be applied to attendee profiles in many ways (the specifics are outside the scope of this article, but includes assignment via manual individual or bulk profile edits, ticket purchases, roles like exhibitors or speakers, data imports, etc.). Tag restrictions can also be combined with ticket restrictions and vice versa, which would mean any one of the conditions would need to be satisfied to grant access.

To enable tag-based restrictions for a session, select the tags via session's Tag Based Restrictions setting. Selecting one or more tag means an attendee simply needs to have one of the tags you selected in order to gain access, not all.

Note: If you are trying to access a session that has restrictions on it and you are logged in with your event admin account, the restrictions will not affect you as administrators have unrestricted access to all content.
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