Registration FAQs and Troubleshooting

Difference Between Registrations and Profiles/Attendees/Users?

Note: The terms "Profile", "User", and "Attendee" are used interchangably in PheedLoop

Registrations and attendees serve different purposes and use cases in PheedLoop. Registration represents all of the instances where a prospective attendee makes a registration attempt for themselves, someone else, or multiple attendees. For most registrations, this involves a financial transaction. Registrations will automatically appear when you are using PheedLoop's registration system. Attendees on the other hand represent all of the individuals who are attending and are part of your event. Not only does this include registered attendees (from completed, not in progress or unpaid registrations) but this also includes speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. Profiles will automatically appear when registrations are completed and when speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors are added into PheedLoop.

Here's an easy way to think about registrations and profiles. If you registered on PheedLoop and bought a ticket for yourself and a colleague, only you would show up in the registration section of PheedLoop. This makes sense because you are the one that created that financial transaction. On the other hand, you and your colleague will both show up in the attendees section of PheedLoop. Additionally, anyone who has been added or accepted as a speaker/exhibitor/sponsor will show up in the attendees section of PheedLoop.

Custom Registration Categories

Currently, PheedLoop does not support custom registration categories. Categories do not affect functionality directly, but they do allow you to create separate registration flows. The built-in categories are Attendee, Speaker, Sponsor, and Exhibitor. You do have the option to sub-categorize tickets within one of the built-in categories, by creating and assigning sub-categories within a ticket's editing area found under the Registration module in your dashboard. Sub-categories are visible on the final ticket selection page within a category's registration flow.

Tickets Not Showing in Registration Flow

There are usually some very simple reasons for this issue, and all are managed via your event's individual ticket settings.

  • Ensure your ticket is activated
  • If you have set a start or end date and/or time, ensure you are currently within those dates
  • Ensure you have not unintentionally enabled ticket privacy options (e.g. private or protected ticket settings)

Shutting Down or Closing Registration

There are a few ways to do this, depending on what you want attendees to see once registration is complete:

  1. Change all your tickets to de-activated (hides all tickets)
  2. Set end dates on all your tickets which correspond to the end date for your registration overall (shows them, but makes them inaccessible)
  3. Hide the website page entirely under the Event Website module in your dashboard (keep in mind that you'll want to de-activate tickets as well because hiding a page does not make it inaccessible directly)

Seeing a Lot of In Progress Registrations/Orders

Seeing a lot of in progress registrations or orders can seem concerning at first glance, but it's actually hugely beneficial. A big goal of PheedLoop as a platform is to help you more intelligently plan and execute events. Many registration systems don't capture what we call buyer intent (i.e. the intention of people wanting to do something, for example registering for your event). An in progress registration is almost always not related to someone experiencing some difficulty which may be a new PheedLoop user's first assumption, but more so a curiosity and possibly a change of heart around someone registering for your event. This is extremely valuable data, as now you are able to track bounce rates. If you have a lot of in progress registrations, then maybe your tickets are priced too high, the process is too complex, or your marketing isn't convincing enough, for example.

PheedLoop helps by automatically sending follow up emails (which they can unsubscribe to, or you can turn off entirely via your registration settings) to in progress registrants in an effort to convince them to come back and register for your event, helping you sell without you even trying! You can edit this email via the communications module, and editing the Registration Reminder email template.

You can also open the registration summary for an in progress registration, and view the prospective registrant's email address and any additional contact information. This allows you to also reach out to prospects manually if you like.

Exporting Financial Data for Registrations for Individual Ticket Level

In PheedLoop's registration system, you have individual Tickets and your have Orders. One or more Ticket sales can comprise an Order, similar to the way you may purchase a variety of products at a grocery store. When you export financial data when individual items are aggregated in any system, you get the data in relation to the entire Order because there are a variety of rules, discounts, price breaks for bulk purchases, and advanced customizations PheedLoop's registration system offers to acommodate the most complex registration system requirements for our customers. It is not numerically possible, therefore, to have an accurate financial breakdown per Ticket because some of those options apply to individual Tickets, some to groups of Tickets, and some to the Order as a whole.

However, if your accounting requirements demand an export of your finanial information on a per Ticket level, there is a way to achieve this by simply restricting the number of Tickets a registrant can purchase in any given Order to one. This way, there will always be a precise, one-to-one relationship between an individual Ticket being purchaed and the individual financial record it creates. You can make this adjustment in an individual Ticket's settings, and the global Registration settings for your event.

Declined Credit Cards for Attendees Making Payments

PheedLoop doesn't actually have control over a bank's decision to approve or deny card payments, so the best thing to do if you're certain that the error message attendees are receiving is due to the card being declined (always helpful to actually ask someone who's struggling for a screenshot, as the real issue often turns out to be something different), check Stripe. Stripe has a section called Payments (left-hand side of your dashboard) which lists all payments submitted. You should be able to see any failed transactions there.

From our experience, the top causes are the following:

  • Incorrect card details being entered
  • Card holder's bank blocking the transaction
  • Stripe integration not configured correctly (in your PheedLoop dashboard, try disconnecting and re-connecting to Stripe via a private/incognito browser experience)

Stripe also has a lot more information here which explains possible causes.

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