Setting Up ClickMeeting for Session Streaming

ClickMeeting is an awesome piece of software that many events powered by PheedLoop rely on for their session streaming needs. Although a less known than Zoom, ClickMeeting offers a comparable feature set and has the benefit just like Zoom's integration of being one of PheedLoop's two natively integrated API based platforms. This means we offer a lot of benefits beyond embedding your own stream into PheedLoop via custom code, such as authenticating users into ClickMeeting automatically, allowing for seamless integration. You can create webinars and meetings right from the PheedLoop dashboard as well!

Step 1 - Create an Account

ClickMeeting allows you to create a free account to test things out, so we'll start there. They have a few paid plans as well (described here) which offer benefits like more hosts, parallel sessions (with an add-on), and of course, the number of attendees. Click here to start your free trial, you'll need to verify it via email as well. We strongly recommend exploring ClickMeeting's Knowledge Base as well to learn more about the platform, although much of it will be handled in PheedLoop.

Step 2 - Get Your API Keys

In order to connect your ClickMeeting account to PheedLoop, you must insert your ClickMeeting username and API key into PheedLoop's integrations area. Find your Account Settings in ClickMeeting from the dropdown menu at the top right, and retrieve your username from the Personal Details tab, and your API key from the API tab. In PheedLoop, copy these values into your account's integration settings, found by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your PheedLoop dashboard.

Step 3 - Create Your First Meeting via PheedLoop

In order to create your first meeting or webinar via PheedLoop in ClickMeeting, you'll need to ensure you do the following:

  • Set a timezone for your event via General > Event Details (ensure it's a location-based timezone you selected, e.g. America/Toronto)
  • Create a session via Sessions, and ensure the start date/time and end date/time are in the future
  • If you are using a ClickMeeting free trial account only, ensure your session's duration is 30 minutes or less
  • The Enable Stream option should be checked for your chosen session

For the session you created in PheedLoop, via the session's virtual settings, you will see two buttons under a ClickMeeting logo allowing you to create a meeting or webinar (learn more about the differences here). Click on either, to create your first ClickMeeting meeting or webinar. You can go back to your ClickMeeting account to confirm the meeting or webinar was created as well.

Step 4 - Test Your Meeting or Webinar

Since you've already enabled your stream in the previous step, you only need to visit your virtual event portal and select your session. You'll see a ClickMeeting waiting screen, at which point all you need to do is start the meeting or webinar from within ClickMeeting itself (by clicking on Join in ClickMeeting and then Start Event in the interface which pops up). Give that a try, and you'll find yourself seamlessly dive right into a live session through PheedLoop.

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