Helpful Custom Code Snippets

With a platform as comprehensive as PheedLoop, it's not feasible to have options for every single edge case and scenario as it risks making a platform too bloated and complex. This is why you'll find countless parts of PheedLoop supporting custom code snippets, allowing you and your developers to customize functionality. We've seen some outstanding work by events, to the point that we sometimes can't even recognize our own platform. This article lists some smaller helpful snippets which we see event planners in need of every now and then.

Note: We do not provide technical support for any of these code snippets as they are not built-in functionalities in PheedLoop. Use them at your own risk, and ideally use them as templates to modify to meet your own needs. Work with a web developer to ensure you are aware of the implications of the changes you are making and to make more advanced modifications.

Virtual Events

Custom Stream Code Static Image Link

Drop the following snippet into your session's custom stream code area to create a clickable image. Replace the src attribute with a link to your image file hosted externally, and replace the href attribute with the link you would like to open when the image is clicked on.

See the Pen Snippet - Image Stream Link by PheedLoop (@pheedloop) on CodePen.

Custom Link Button in Sidebar

Drop the following snippet into the Custom Code field in General > Virtual to add an additional button in the menu of your virtual event sidebar. Clicking the button will open any custom link you may like to add in a new tab. Replace the href attribute with the custom link. The button will be added at the end of the list of existing buttons in the sidebar.

See the Pen Snippet - Custom Menu Button Link by PheedLoop (@pheedloop) on CodePen.

Embedding Custom HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) Into Sessions

Drop the following snippet into the Custom Stream Code field for any session you would like to embed custom HLS formatted content into (typically coming from an RTMP stream). The file must be a .m3u8 file. Replace the src attribute in the code snippet with the link to your HLS source.

See the Pen Snippet - Embed HLS/M3U8 Stream by PheedLoop (@pheedloop) on CodePen.

Hiding Live Attendee Counter

The green pulsating live attendee counter in your virtual event portal can be hidden by adding the following snippet into the Custom Code field in General > Virtual.

<style> #live-count-container { display: none !important; } </style>
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