Getting Started with Event Registration

Note: This video will be updated shortly to reflect the user interface of PheedLoop's new dashboard (currently in beta). Navigation and settings are very similar between the two dashboards, and if you would like to use the original dashboard as shown in this video, simply navigate to it via this link.

PheedLoop's registration module is feature-packed with all sorts of ways to customize every step of your event's registration process, from the logic and design, to finance and integrations. The registration module empowers you to create tickets, promotion codes, tags, custom registration flows and questions, badges, check-in systems, and so much more. Given the wide array of features built-in to the registration module, it's designed to be configured out of the box to work by default for most events. The greatest part is that your event's registration system is deeply integrated with everything from your event app and website, to badge printing, exhibit/sponsor sales, and schedule.

In this video, we explore the following topics, and more:

  • Setting up tickets, promotions, and tracking registrations in real-time
  • Managing your registration system's global settings
  • Intent capture and the importance of "In Progress" registrations
  • Testing an end-to-end registration process through your event's website
  • Setting up custom registration form questions
  • Managing registration email templates
  • Importing and exporting registration data
  • Connecting payment gateways to allow credit card payments
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