Getting Started with Sessions and Schedules

Note: This video will be updated shortly to reflect the user interface of PheedLoop's new dashboard (currently in beta). Navigation and settings are very similar between the two dashboards, and if you would like to use the original dashboard as shown in this video, simply navigate to it via this link.

Session and schedule management are at the heart of most events. In your PheedLoop powered event, you're likely going to rely on speaker data, session applications (i.e. proposals or abstracts), and sponsor information to form your schedules and sessions - so it would be a good idea to explore those modules. PheedLoop's session and schedule module encompass a vast and refined feature set allowing for far more than simply assigning dates and times to talks and workshops. Custom filters, gamification, credit tracking, targeted notifications, and personalization are just a few, and your efforts in this module ripple through all of PheedLoop's portals such as the event app, website, and virtual event system.

In this video, we explore the following topics, and more:

  • Adding sessions individually, in bulk, and importing from the proposals system
  • Assigning session filters such as tracks, formats, and audiences
  • Scheduling sessions individually and using the interactive schedule builder
  • Connecting speakers, sponsors, and sub-sessions
  • Tracking continuing education credits/hours, and exporting certificates of attendance
  • Schedule conflict management
  • Session file uploads and management
  • PDF schedule exports
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