Getting Started with Speakers

Note: This video will be updated shortly to reflect the user interface of PheedLoop's new dashboard (currently in beta). Navigation and settings are very similar between the two dashboards, and if you would like to use the original dashboard as shown in this video, simply navigate to it via this link.

Speaker management is one of the most challenging tasks for conferences and events in general, but PheedLoop makes it much easier. PheedLoop's systems enable a tremendous amount of automation and integration so that their data is always up to date, they are always communicated with, they have all the resources they need for their sessions, and they have the autonomy to manage their own speaking presence. The speaker management side of PheedLoop is deeply integrated with session and schedule management, as well as the call for proposals systems. We recommend exploring those modules as well.

In this video, we explore the following topics, and more:

  • Adding speakers individually, in bulk, or via PheedLoop's proposal management system
  • Task automation and management
  • Speaker portals and self-service functions
  • Connecting speakers to sessions
  • Exporting speaker information
  • Contract management
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