Getting Started with Call for Proposals

PheedLoop's call for proposals (or abstracts) system is often considered one of the most integrated and time-saving modules, as many events come from manual processes or fragmented technology processes. From the moment a potential applicant expresses interest in your event, to the moment they are accepted, it's all highly automated and streamlined with PheedLoop. Review panels can be created and reviews collected, and once a proposal is accepted, speakers and sessions are automatically configured and added to your event along with all related systems. We recommend visiting the quick look videos for speaker management and session management to learn more about the process after a proposal is accepted.

In this video, we explore the following topics, and more:

  • Setting up a customized call for proposals system
  • Tracking incoming and incomplete applications
  • Proposal application update portals to edit submissions
  • Creating custom forms for applicants and reviewers
  • Customizing email templates for proposal reminders, acceptances, denials, and updates
  • Creating review panels, assigning proposals, and collecting reviews
  • Accepting proposals and following through with the automatically created speaker and session entries
  • Exporting proposal and review data
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