Getting Started with the Mobile Event App

Note: This video will be updated shortly to reflect the user interface of PheedLoop's new dashboard (currently in beta). Navigation and settings are very similar between the two dashboards, and if you would like to use the original dashboard as shown in this video, simply navigate to it via this link.

PheedLoop's event application is incredibly powerful. Many events have used other event apps which are generally limited to basic functions and the experience is really designed for attendees only. Your PheedLoop event app is much more capable, from advanced features like wireless badge printing and exhibitor lead retrieval to marketplaces and session attendance scanning/tracking.

In addition, the event app experience is deeply integrated with the rest of PheedLoop's systems, from event registration to stakeholder portals. This means your content is always going to be up to date and in sync with your event's core CMS (Content Management System), so you don't have to constantly work on your event app as a separate system. 

In this video, we explore the following topics, and more:

  • How attendees view your event app on the web and on mobile
  • Basic set up, design, and configuration
  • Various ways to promote sponsors
  • Admin functions such as event and session check-in
  • Exhibitor led retrieval
  • Session engagement features (live polls, questions, feedback)
  • Attendee messaging, meeting booking, and networking
  • Push notifications and general announcements
  • Creating custom pages and personalizing the home page
  • Gamification, scavenger hunts, and marketplaces
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