Using Custom Backgrounds in Meet & Stream

Meet & Stream's custom background feature allows you to upload a custom image or GIF for your sessions using Meet & Stream, so that you get an end result that looks something like the image below. It's an excellent opportunity to further promote your brand, look more professional, promote sponsors, and more.

Image Resolution and Guidelines

The images you upload should be 1280 x 720 pixels. We suggest PNG files for static images, and GIFs for animated images (as you see in our demo above). If you are using a GIF, we suggest limiting the total file size of the GIF to 25 megabytes for the best performance.

We suggest putting any individual graphics in the header area of the image (e.g. logos or text), and possibly in the footer as well as there is some space there for customization also. For reference, here's the image we used for our demonstration.

The header area is 1280 x 130 pixels, and the footer area is 1280 x 85 pixels. You may want to add a bit of padding though and not fill up those spaces fully, as you'll see in our example we added about 25 pixels of vertical padding around the logo in the header and about 10 pixels of vertical padding around the footer. Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you and you are welcome to experiment as much as you like by running the broadcast in test mode when testing Meet & Stream via the backstage (more information here).

Uploading Images to Sessions

You have two options to upload custom Meet & Stream backgrounds, they can both be used or only one of them. The first one is the option to upload your image as a global image (i.e. will auto-apply to all future session broadcasts via Meet & Stream without adding images to individual sessions). This is accomplished via the Experiences > Virtual > Design > Global Meet & Stream Background image field.

The second option is to upload individual images to sessions. When editing a session, visit the session's Virtual Settings and upload an image to the Meet & Stream Background image field. If you have a global image uploaded already, the image you upload for a specific session will take precedence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the background images show up in recordings?
Yes! As always, Meet & Stream recordings are available via the session's Recording's tab, and the background images will show up in the recordings too. They are an embedded part of the recording, and cannot be removed from the video file.

Will the background images show up in sessions that I have already broadcasted and recorded?
No, the images will only show up in recordings after the point in time that the image has been uploaded.

What if I don't upload any images?
The video tiles and screen shares will expand to fill the full view, don't worry there won't be an odd blank space. Essentially, the resulting broadcast will look exactly the way it used to prior to this feature being launched.

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