Setting Up Live Polls and Q&A

PheedLoop's live polls and Q&A systems are designed to serve hybrid, in-person and virtual-only events seamlessly. The polls and questions themselves are managed on the admin side via the virtual web portal, and can be interacted with by attendees either in the virtual web portal, or the hybrid mobile app (for in-person attendees).

Note: In order to use the live polls and Q&A system, you must have the Advanced Audience Interaction power-up purchased for your event. You can do this by navigating to your account's settings, and adding the power-up via the Events tab.

How to Create a Live Poll

Step 1 - Visit the Virtual Web Portal's Backstage

Adding, editing, and moderating your polls is done entirely through the virtual web portal, even if you have a purely on-site event. The backstage is where you can control all of the live poll functionality. To get started, please log in to your "Virtual Event" found via your dashboard's "Event Portals" menu in the header. If you do not see the Backstage option in the menu on the left-hand side, ensure you have not disabled it via your settings under Experiences > Virtual.

From the "Backstage", select any session you would like to test live polling with and click on the "Polls and Q&A" tab. Click on "Add New Poll" to add a new poll, and use the same area to modify existing polls.

Step 2 - Enabling and Disabling Live Polls, and Casting Votes

Once you're happy with a live poll you have set up, you can click on the green button next to the poll in your list of polls called "Enable" to enable it at any time. When, and how many polls you enable at any given time, is entirely up to you. Some events choose to enable their polls before the session even starts, others prefer to enable polls in real-time while the session is running. Depending on the format of your event, you can mix and match techniques as you see fit. An enabled poll will show the choices for the attendee to select, and the moment the attendee casts a vote, the results will show up in real-time. The results will continuously be updated and animated in real-time as more attendees cast votes.

How to Answer Live Questions

The live Q&A system is even easier to use than live polls! Similar to live polls, the questions are moderated via the virtual web portal for both in-person and virtual events, or hybrid events. However, questions asked in a session's Q&A tab are not only restricted to be answered to via the "Backstage". Any event administrator or even the speaker of the specific session the question was asked in can submit an answer to a question which was asked right in-line. The answer will show up in real-time for every attendee.

As the event administrator, you may moderate questions by removing them any time. Questions can also be up-voted by attendees using the thumbs-up reaction emoji, similar to chat messages. Answers can be updated anytime by submitting new text in a question's answer field, which will replace the originally submitted answer.

For in-person events, we recommend the moderator or speaker to ask attendees to navigate to their phone to see the results of the Live Polls or Q&A. Additionally, you are able to showcase the Live Polls and Q&A on a screen by clicking on the maximize toggle on the top right corner of the virtual portal.

Downloading Results

To download the results of your Live Poll and Q&A, you are able to do this via the Custom Reports feature in the dashboard. We recommend navigating to Data and Reports > Custom Reports > Create Button. You can create three reports (Session Q&A, Polls, and Poll Responses). Fill in the appropriate information (Description and Fields) and generate the report accordingly.

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