How PheedLoop's Free Event System Works

Why We Built a Free Tier

PheedLoop's free event tier is an exciting initiative launched at the end of 2021 to further our mission of making events more accessible. For event planners, a big part of accessible events means lowering the cost of the costs that go into creating events, and event technology is often a major investment. Our goal with PheedLoop's free event tier is to give event planners the option to run as many events as they like, for free, within a certain set of limits - because, you know, we need to keep the lights on too!

The great thing about the free event tier is that you don't need to do anything to benefit from it. The basic idea is that you can run events for under 100 users (per event) for free, short of any per event additions. This unlocks the ability for you to freely use PheedLoop to power all your smaller events, from workshops and meetings to parties and town halls in-person, virtually, or hybrid. This helps you put all your events in one place and streamline the way you work, because a constant challenge in the events industry is that powerful event technology solutions like PheedLoop are simply incompatible with smaller events. You can even use this to test core modules out before choosing to purchase them. Simply put, the free event tier is a game changer!

How to Create a Free Event

There's really not a whole lot you need to do differently. All you do is create an event, and it will automatically start out as a free event. When you are working on the event in your dashboard, at the bottom left where you typically see the user credit counter, you'll also see a counter above it as long as your event remains in the free event tier. Simple!

Limits & Reasonable Use

In order to benefit from the free event tier, we have a few limits in place which are expected and should be unsurprising, but we need to mention them anyway.

  • Reasonable Use: We encourage customers to make full use of PheedLoop's free event tier. PheedLoop reserves the right to prevent or stop any use of PheedLoop services that appears to be abusive or is unduly burdensome. This would include, but is not limited to, things like running multiple simultaneous free events that represent the same event, or using free events to collect information for paid events. In other words, be nice, please! 
  • User Limit: A maximum of 100 users can be a part of an event in order for the event to remain as a free event and not have the users count towards the account's user credit allocation. Once the 100 user threshold is passed for any event, all users in that event (not just those in excess of 100) count towards the account's user credit allocation. If you exceed the 100 user count and your event has not started, you still have the option to remove users from your event and your event will instantly return to the free tier.
  • Application Limit: This is only relevant if you intend to use any of the application portals in a free event, which is not common but you may be doing so to run tests. Free events are limited to 20 exhibitor, 20 sponsor, and 20 proposal applications.
  • Power Ups: Event specific power ups are not included in the free event tier, but you have the option to purchase them for free events at any time, as usual.
  • Account in Good Standing: In order to benefit from the free event tier, you must have an account in good standing. This means an account under an active contract (i.e. not expired). This means you theoretically can purchase the minimal account setup of 100 user credits, and run an unlimited number of events for free up to and including 100 users assuming reasonable usage (described above).
  • Free Tier Launch Date: The free event tier was launched at the end of 2021. All events that have a start date on or after January 1st, 2022, will be automatically qualify for the free event tier.
  • Subject to Change: Given PheedLoop's free event tier is quite a new initiative, we may make refinements to improve the experience. Our changes to the platform almost always add functionality and reduce prices, which may happen without notice. Although we have no plans for any such changes, any changes that may negatively impact your free events will be made with notice, in the form of at least one email at least 30 days prior to the change.
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