How Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Videos Work

Pre-roll and post-roll videos are surprisingly one of PheedLoop's most popular features, as many event planners come from platforms that require them to stitch in and perfectly time pre and post-roll content into their video streams manually which is never easy, costs streaming minutes, and can't be streamed freely and in perpetuity before and after the session. So if it's your first time looking into pre-roll and post-roll videos, welcome to an awesome way to bring your event to life with custom animated content, provide immensely valuable sponsorship opportunities, and look super professional!

What are Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Videos?

A pre-roll video is a video that plays in a loop before a particular session goes live. A post-roll video is a video that plays in a loop after a particular session is no longer live. Pre and post-roll videos both support video and audio, though we recommend using muted videos so that they are not too annoying for your attendees, especially as they are played in a loop. Both pre-roll and post-roll videos support a single MP4 file up to 50 MB (duration of video depends on resolution, usually 1 - 5 minutes of HD quality), typically 16:9 aspect ratio.

Given these videos are playing while a session is not live, they present a prime real-estate opportunity for you to promote your sponsors, event, the session and speakers themselves, instructional content, or just present something that makes your attendees happy (maybe a little stretch routine or some art). The possibilities are endless, and we strongly recommend using these videos.

How Do I Upload Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Videos?

There are two options that you have here for both pre-roll and post-roll videos. One is session specific videos, that you may upload when editing a session in your event's dashboard. The second is uploading them as global videos under Experiences > Virtual > Design. Global pre-roll and post-roll videos make your life easier if you want to have a default set of pre-roll and post-roll videos for all your sessions, because for some events the videos are the same for each and every session. With that said, even if you have global pre-roll and/or post-roll videos, any session-specific pre-roll and post-roll videos will take precedence. And, of course, you can delete, reset, re-upload any of these videos, global or session-specific.

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