Inviting Attendees to Your Mobile Event App

It's finally time to invite your attendees to your mobile event app, congratulations! This article assumes you already have your attendees populated in your event's dashboard, either by importing them if you're using an external registration system or by using PheedLoop's built-in registration system. Creating a custom announcement gives you the greatest level of control and insight into the formatting and performance of your email invitations. For the most basic setup, follow these steps.

Step 1 - Create a New Announcement

Click the green "Create" button to create a brand new announcement, via the Communications module in your event's dashboard.

Step 2 - Configure Your Announcement

  • Title (e.g. Download the Mobile Event App!)
  • Description (e.g. offer some instructions, promote sponsors, individual links for Android/iOS, anything you feel is valuable information)
  • Check the option called Email Notifications Enabled
  • Set the Call-To-Action Text (e.g. Download Mobile Event App)
  • Set the Call-To-Action URL to your mobile event app landing page's URL (e.g. This can be found via Event Portals > Event App > Event App Landing Page
  • Check the option called Include Login Credentials

Step 3 - Send the Announcement

  • Select the announcement from the table and click on the Actions menu
  • If you'd like to send a test announcement to yourself, click on Send Single Announcement and fill in your email address (ensure you are also listed as an attendee at your event)
  • If you'd like to send the announcement out to everyone, click on Send Bulk Announcement

It may take several seconds to minutes depending on the number of people you are sending the announcement out to, so please leave the window active while the sending action is in progress.

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