Integrating Salesforce with PheedLoop

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the most popular tools event planners like to integrate with PheedLoop. What makes integrating Salesforce both interesting and tricky is that everyone's requirements are quite unique. Both PheedLoop and Salesforce are extremely versatile platforms that customers use in their own unique ways, so it's not as simple as integrating something like Slack, Stripe, or Zoom to achieve exactly the results you want. This article will describe the three approaches event planners take to integrate Salesforce below. It is common to use more than one approach at the same time as they all have their individual pros and cons.

Native Salesforce Integration

PheedLoop's native Salesforce integration is the perfect option for event planners looking for a quick and standard integration between the two platforms. The native integration is designed to sync profile information between the two platforms so that your data is always kept up to date. Attendees in PheedLoop are automatically synced with contacts in Salesforce based on their email IDs, exchanging common bits of information like name and contact details. Of course, this is also extremely useful in the case that an individual doesn't exist in either system yet at all. For example, if an attendee registers themselves in PheedLoop, their information will also be transmitted to Salesforce in real-time to help keep your Salesforce data up to date at all times.

Zapier Connection

If you haven't heard of Zapier yet, then stop right now and check it out here! It's an incredibly powerful tool to help non-coders build advanced custom integrations between compatible software through a drag and drop interface. We use it internally at PheedLoop in substantial ways, so we can vouch for the tool's incredible utility and effectiveness.

The great news is that both PheedLoop and Salesforce have well-built and highly useful apps in the Zapier marketplace, so building a custom integration that can do so much more than even our native integration is only minutes away. Have a look here to get a glimpse into some of the countless possibilities for combining PheedLoop and Salesforce to build entirely custom and maintainable integrations on your own.

Direct API Usage

For power-users of technology for their events and organizations, nothing beats the precision and customizability of using a platform's own API to build whatever they can imagine. The good news is that PheedLoop offers a feature-rich REST API with all sorts of unique functions as well as many webhooks to make your custom integrations sensitive to real-time updates. Our API is publicly available and documented at and is ready to use right out of the gate. We're very dedicated to offering a state-of-the-art API experience, so we're quite open to requests for new endpoints and systems to improve your experience. Many organizations integrating PheedLoop with Salesforce that have advanced Salesforce set ups opt for using the Direct API method (or Zapier) to design exactly the experience they're looking for.

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