How to Use Session Feedback Survey in Event App

One of PheedLoop's most popular features is the Feedback Survey in the Event App. Whether you want to collect information from your attendees, gather feedback on a particular session, gamify your event, or simply ask general questions, you can set up surveys to appear in real time within the Event App. Doing this will give you the ability to gather feedback that can be utilized for future events. Feedback can also be shared with your speakers post-session as well!

Setting Up Feedback Survey 

  1. Create a new custom form under Advanced > Custom Forms > Create. Ensure you select the category as "General Survey". 
  2. Create your list of questions by clicking “Add Question” in the form builder and selecting the type of question you want to add! We recommend keeping questions short and sweet. 
  3. To connect your newly created survey, navigate to Sessions and click into a session. Under the session’s Virtual Settings choose your new form from the Feedback Survey field. Please note that you can use the same form as your feedback survey for multiple sessions throughout your event and you can assign them in bulk to all multiple sessions as well using the Sessions table’s bulk actions.

Testing Session Feedback Survey in Event App

  1. Download the PheedLoop Go! App in the Google or Apple app stores, conveniently found via the Event Portals drop down in your dashboard’s header under “Mobile Event App”
  2. Login to the event app with your attendee credentials, these could also be a test or alternate attendee’s credentials.
  3. On the top left of the mobile event app, click into the hamburger button to unveil the Schedule tab. Find the session that you want to leave feedback for and click into it. You'll be able to instantly see the Feedback tab on the bottom of the session’s page.

Accessing the Data

  1. To download your feedback survey, create a Custom Report by navigating to Data & Reports > Custom Reports > Create.
  2. Ensure you select ‘Form Responses’ as the report type. From here, you will be able to select various fields you wish to include in the report. If you want to see which form response is associated to which session, it is recommended that you select “Session” as one of the fields to be included in the report.
  3. Once you save changes, click into the report and navigate to the blue action button to Generate Report. The report will be generated in the background and then will be available for download shortly.
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