Setting Up Meeting Booking in the Event App

Note: The Advanced Networking Power-up must be purchased for your event in order to have access to this feature

Meeting Booking is a feature inside of the PheedLoop Event App that allows you and your attendees to book meetings with one another! This is a powerful tool that encouraged attendees to network with one another. The best part about meeting booking is that this feature can be used by attendees in advance of the event date. Attendees can be encouraged to book meetings to fully maximize their event experience. As an event admin - you are able to require booking confirmations amongst attendees and you can also set the default duration of how long these meetings should be. With the introduction of meeting book, we are also introducing a convenient calendar tool that allows attendees to see at a single glance all of their saved sessions and meeting books inside of the event app. All of this is to provide a more enriching networking experience.

Setting Up Meeting Booking as an Event Administrator:

  1. Navigate to Experiences > Networking > Settings. Toggle on the Enable Meeting Booking feature and Save Changes.
  2. In the same area, you can consider toggling on Require Meeting Confirmation. If this is turned on, attendees will need to provide confirmation of the meeting request before it is booked. If this is turned off, attendees will be able to instantly book meetings with other attendees.
  3. To set the times when attendees can book meetings with each other, you can consider editing the Start Time and End Time in the Settings area as well. 
  4. You may also set the default duration of meetings by defining the Intervals field under Settings.

Coordinate and Edit Meetings as an Event Administrator:

One advanced aspect of the Meeting Booking feature is the capability for Event Admins to proactively setup meetings between attendees. This is a great option if you are looking to facilitate networking or engagement on behalf of your attendees. Think of this as a matchmaker tool except you are the matchmaker! We have seen some customers use this feature in conjunction with their Hosted Buyer programs. Event Admins will also have the capability to edit existing meetings. To learn more, please read below:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard > Experiences > Networking > Meetings.
  2. Within this table, you are able to see all of the meetings created by attendees. In the same area, click into the Create button to create meetings on behalf of your attendees. All created meetings will exist within the Attendee's Event App. 
  3. To make the meetings not visible to the attendee right away, please toggle on the Hidden toggle.
  4. If you would like to disable any confirmation emails from being sent, please toggle off the Send Confirmation Email toggle. Doing so will disable the guests from receiving an email informing them about the meeting.

Part of the new meeting booking feature is the introduction of a new default event app page called the Calendar Page. The Calendar Page is an area where you are able to see your saved sessions and confirmed meetings all in one glance! Follow the instructions below to setup this page. 

  1. Navigate to Experiences > Event App > Pages and select the Calendar Event App Page.
  2. It is enabled visible by default but like any other page you can make it hidden by deselecting "Is Visible". You are able to rename this page if you like!

Using Meeting Booking as an Event Attendee:

Customize your Meeting Booking Settings:

  1. Customize your Meeting Booking settings as an event attendee by navigating to the PheedLoop Go! App and clicking into the settings tab (Top left corner of the event app). A new meeting settings area will show up which you can then click into. 
  2. If the Enable Meeting Booking is toggled off, other attendees won't be able to book meetings with you as an attendee. Additionally you will not be able to book meetings with other attendees.
  3. If the Meeting Booking Requires Confirmation is toggled off, other attendees will be able to instantly book meetings with you as an attendee. If this is toggled on, a confirmation in the event app must be confirmed by you. Please note, this setting will override the overall event level setting set by the event administrator. 

Create Meetings as an Attendee:

  1. Attendees can book meetings by navigating to another attendee’s profile page in the event app. To do this, navigate to Networking and find the attendee you would like to connect with!
  2. When you click into a profile you may create a meeting by clicking into the Request Meeting button.
  3. Afterwards you will be prompted to fill information related to the such as Title, Location and Description of the meeting.
  4. Once you submit the meeting request, the invited guest will receive a notification and email.

Managing Your Meetings:

  1. To review your meetings, please navigate to the Calendar Page on the Event App. This page will contain all of your saved sessions and meeting booking confirmations at a single calendar glance!
  2. When you click into a meeting you may view the details of the meeting itself. You can also cancel the meetings from this page if necessary. 
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