Getting Started with Membership Management

Membership Management is a system that enhances the value of an organization by combining an event management platform with the strength of a CRM and AMS. It contains a variety of features that help engage and add value to your members in between events. More importantly, using a member management platform will allow you to increase your existing membership base while attracting new ones. 

The Membership Management system gives you the ability to tie PheedLoop events together over time and manage all your organizational memberships in one place. Thanks to a slew of new functions that have been added, you can do everything from:

  • Processing memberships and dues 
  • Manage, update and customize Member Data
  • Empower members to self-manage their membership experience via their Member Portal
  • Host a customizable Organization Website which will house Membership Management Purchases along with Member Only information 
  • Create and send marketing campaigns and email communication
  • Download membership reports, financial reports and more


Setup Membership Types:
Membership Types represents the different Membership Options you offer to your members. Within this section of the dashboard you are able to customize these options to enable you to sell, process and manage memberships with various groups of members. Memberships can be purchased from your Organization Website or processed on the backend of PheedLoop via the Transactions tab.

  1. Navigate to Memberships > Membership Types. Click on the green Create button to create your first Membership Type. Within this pop-up modal, you will be able to define specific things such as price, description, and even privacy. Toggle on the visibility of your Membership Type by toggling on the Activate Membership Type. For some important customizations for your membership, please see below:
    • Restrict Organization: If not blank, only users who are members of this organization will be able to purchase this tier
    • Private Tier: Users must enter one of the codes entered below (under Private Access Codes) to purchase the Tier.
    • Protected Tier: This tier may only be purchased using the Access Link below.
    • Select Announcement: The selected email will be sent as a confirmation message when a user completes the purchase of a Tier. This is customized via the communications tab.
  2. Set your Subscription Duration. Within this field, you are able to set one of two Subscription Durations. A membership can either have an generic end date that is consistent across the board (Subscription End Date) or you can have it based on time from the initial purchase (Subscription Duration Date).
  3. Connect to Stripe the Payment Processor of choice with PheedLoop by navigating to Membership > Settings. Within this area, you are also able to add customize the membership purchase experience even more. For example the Success Message field is the message shown to members after a successful purchase. 

Process Memberships Manually:
As an administrator, you are able to process Memberships manually via the dashboard for prospective members. This is a useful and common workflow if you are managing transactions via email or over the phone. You are able to completely customize a single member's purchase, download their invoice/receipt, process payments and more. 

  1. Navigate to Memberships > Transactions and click on the Green Create button to begin the processing of memberships manually. Enter the details of the main point of contact. Feel free to add any notes that are privately held within PheedLoop and only shared between admins and click save changes.
  2. Find the recently created transaction by searching up the email of the main point of contact. Click into this individual to open up the right side modal. You may now start to build out their purchase. You will notice the financial summary to update with each item you add to the respective transaction.
    1. Memberships - This is where you can start adding the Membership Types for this individual. If this indivdual is buying multiple memberships for a group, you may add multiple memberships.
    2. Promotions - To add a discount to an individuals purchase, you are able to do so by adding a promotion. Create the promotion first via Membership > Promotions. 
    3. Payments - Within this area, add the total amount that you want this individual to pay for when it comes to their membership. You are then able to process the payment by sending them a payment link via the Gray Action Button.


Import Contacts:
Contacts is your of everyone that is affiliated with your organization. This could be people who have expressed interest in becoming a member. These are individuals who attended your events within PheedLoop. Members that are processed in your membership will also have a correlating profile in contacts. A big benefit in PheedLoop's Membership Management system is the ability for you to import contacts from a third party source. After you import contacts, you will be able to manage them by sending them communications to attend your future events or to sign up for your membership.

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Upload Cloud Icon > Download Template. Open up the template, fill in the information and then upload it back in the same area.
  2. Within Contacts, you are also able to create a new Contact manually by clicking into the Green Create button.

Manage and Customize Contacts:
To manage your contacts effectively, PheedLoop has the ability for you to add custom fields and custom organizations. This is a powerful tool that enables you to consolidate your contacts with better reporting, customize and send out communications, and finally enable you to manage the "graduation" of members who become non-members.

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Custom Fields and create your Custom Field. Examples of Custom Fields include: Professional certifications, How you heard about us, Is seeking employment, Regional affiliation, Department, Seniority level, Languages
  2. Navigate to Contacts > Organizations and create or upload your list of Organizations.
  3. Within the Contacts area you are now able to edit your contacts with the newly created Custom Field or Organization items. To bulk edit your contacts: Click on multiple contacts > Blue Action Button > Bulk Edit.


Access Your Website - On the top of the dashboard, click Organization Portals > Organization Website to unveil the public link for the Organization Website.

Edit Your Website:

  1. In the dashboard, click into the Website to start editing. Within the Pages area, you will see all of the individual pages that make up the website. All of your pages will appear in order on the top right corner of your website!
  2. You are able to create new page, hide existing pages and even create sub-pages. When you click into a specific page, a right side modal will open up. It is here here where you will be able to some further advanced features:
    1. Member Only Pages - To setup a Member Only page that can only be seen by logging into the website, ensure that the Member Only is toggled on for each respective member
    2. External Link - Adding a public website URL here will make the page open up in a new tab at the defined URL.

Member Portal

The Member Portal is a self service feature of PheedLoop's Membership Management platform that allows Members to completely manage their own membership experience. This is something that is automatically sent out once the member has been added into PheedLoop. The Member Portal enables members to manage tickets/receipts/invoices, make payments, purchase additional products, review member only specific information, edit profile information such as email address, and more! 

Access The Member Portal - On the top of the dashboard, click Organization Portals > Member Portal to unveil the public link for the Member Portal.

Edit Your Member Portal:

  1. Navigate to Member Portal > Settings. Within this area, you will be able to customize what's shown on the left side tabs. Hide the respective areas that you do not want shown. Within the General section, you will also be able to add your support details and your Welcome Text.
  2. Within Member Portal > Custom Pages - this is where you can create a Custom Page within the Member Portal.


The communications module is very similar to our communications module in our Events Platform. To get a good sense of how the Announcement feature works, we encourage you to review this quick tutorial here. The main difference is within the Membership Management module, you will have the capability to target announcements to contacts based on custom groups, membership types and events attended.

Setting Up Custom Groups:
Contact Groups are a custom field within the communications module that can be edited and bulk assigned to a group of contacts. This is particularily helpful if you wish to send an announcement only to a specific segment of people 

  1. To create the Custom Contact Groups, navigate to Communications > Groups.
  2. To bulk assign Groups to contacts, navigate to Contacts > Select your Contacts > Blue Action Button > Bulk Edit

Coming Soon:

  • Email Design Tool - Intuitive and beautiful email design tool that makes it super easy to build email templates and create a better end product for communication recipients.
  • Custom Website URL - Set up a custom website URL for your website and email communications. This feature will allow you to establish a professional and unique online presence that truly represents your organization.
  • Advanced Workflows - We are also working on advanced membership workflows to make managing complex organization memberships easy. This includes group registrations, discounted registration flows, and more. This powerful tool will allow you to streamline your organizational processes, and keep your members informed and engaged.

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