Using PheedLoop's New Registration Module

PheedLoop has recently created and updated our award winning event registration module. The latest updates for this new module can be found in this blog post here. To re-review the previous registration module, please review the tutorial video here.  Many of the same components from the previous registration module also apply to the revised registration module. This article will go through the main differences and highlights of the new Registration Module. 

Activate the New Registration Module:

  1. Navigate to Registration > and within the Blue Banner, click on Learn More > Enable. This will enable the new registration module.
  2. Navigate to Experiences > Website > and within the Blue Banner, click on Learn More > Enable. This will enable the new website module. 
  3. At the top of the dashboard, please click into Event Portals > Event Website to unveil the new URL for your Registration Website. 

Create Custom Categories:

One of the biggest improvements to the new registration module is the ability to create custom categories. What this does is that it allows you to have as many custom categories as you like, while also making category specific feature settings such as taxation, blacklist/whitelist, and more. This is a fantastic feature set that allows you to handle complex registration flows.

  1. Click into Registrations > Categories > Create Category. A modal will pop-up asking you to fill out a number of various settings. Most of them are similar to what was in the existing registration module. What's important is that these settings will ONLY be applicable to anyone who enters this specific category. For example, you could create a Category for Virtual Attendees. Within this category you can choose not to collect Dietary Restrictions whereas in the In-person Category, you would want this to be enabled. Here are a few noteworthy settings to consider:
    1. Connected Tags: Select the tags associated with this category. By selecting tags here, attendees will automatically have those tags connected to their profile upon checkout. E.g. You might connect a Sponsor tag to a ticket intended for sponsors to purchase.
    2. Thumbnail Image: This is an image that displays to the users on the category select page
    3. Connected Form: Select a form to be displayed during the registration flow, this form will appear after the registrant has selected a category, but before the ticket checkout process begins.
    4. Access Code: Setting an access code will require registrants to enter a code to access the category.
    5. Use Fixed Tax Percent: Check this if you would like to use a fixed tax percent for this category, this tax rate will be used instead of any location or organization based tax percentages, or the event tax percent. useful for virtual ticket.

Create Tickets:

The tickets area in the Registration module is largely unchanged. What you are now able to do is create tickets but assign them to specific Registration Categories. This way, only specific tickets will be shown within each respective category. There isn't a way at this time to have tickets appear in multiple categories. 

  • Navigate to Registration > Tickets > Create. Assign your Registration Category.
  • Sub-categories has been updated so that only sub-categories that have an active ticket within a category will show-up. This allows you to add further complexity to your registration flow. 

Embed your Registration Widget:

You are now able to embed your registration within your own website. This is a popular option for anyone who is interested in using PheedLoop but keeping their own website. To do this, you would simply need to copy the embed code found in PheedLoop and share that with your organization's website manager. 

  1. Navigate to Experiences > Event Website > Sections. Find the section called Registration Main.
  2. Within the editing area of this section, you will see the code within the Section Embed Code. This is the code that you would like to share with your website manager.

Connecting to Membership Management:

For any customers using PheedLoop's Membership Management feature, you will have the ability to show certain registration categories to certain members based on their membership type. 

  • Navigate to Registration > Categories. Select the category you would like to edit. Find the Connected Membership Types drop down field and select a Membership Type.
  • By selecting membership types here, only attendees that have bought this membership types will be able to see this category.

Using No Ticket Registration:

No Ticket Registration can now be customized on a category level. Previously when enabled, this would impact the whole registration. You are now able to have a attendee register for your event without a ticket purchase on a per category basis.

  • Navigate to Registration > Categories. Ensure that No Ticket Category is selected. Select this option if you do not wish to associate any tickets with this category. Attendees registering under this category will not be required to purchase tickets to complete their registration.
  • Something that is new to No Ticket Registration is that you are now able to associated custom questions via Connected Forms!
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