Using the Membership Preview Features

Membership Management is a new product under the PheedLoop umbrella that is designed to help you run, manage and organize your company's membership. You can learn more about this powerful feature set here in our blog! Although this is a new set of tools under a different product line - we have made the decision to unlock just a tiny preview of what you can for free to all PheedLoop customers using our event software. This is being classified underneath the Membership Preview function in PheedLoop. For a quick overview of what features are available in the Membership Preview, please review the following.

Contacts Directory:

You are now able to see a list of all of your attendees who have ever attended a PheedLoop event in one single place. This is the Contacts area in Membership Management. Within this section, you are able to see important attendee contact details and the events they attended. You are able to download this information into a CSV and use it however you like! If you have the Membership Management product, you are able to further action on these contacts by creating custom fields, bulk editing & tagging, make notes, and sending marketing emails. Please read below on how to access the Contacts functionality:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard going to
  2. Click into the Members Button > Contacts > Profiles.
  3. View and Download your Contacts!

Organization Directory:

The organization directory is a powerful feature that allows you to upload a list of Organizations that are relevant to you and your events. This is relevant feature to use if you are looking to run an event registration and would like attendees to select from a dropdown field instead of a free-from text field. 

  1. Navigate to your dashboard going to
  2. Click into the Members Button > Contacts > Organizations.
  3. View and Download the CSV Import tool on the top right corner.
  4. Edit the fields accordingly and import the CSV file by clicking on the upwards arrow cloud icon. Quick tip - entering a tax field for each organization is required. You can either set it at 0 or you can set it at the tax rate you would like attendees to be taxed on. 
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