Using Google Analytics on PheedLoop's Website

Google Analytics is a powerful and common tool used by organization's to track website traffic. Currently, PheedLoop's website module supports UA and GA4 tracking codes. To enter this into PheedLoop, there are a few steps you need to do.

Get Tracking Codes from Google Analytics:

  1. Navigate to Google Analytics > Click into the bottom left cog that says Admin. Click on a Property. 
  2. If it's a GA4 property, navigate to Data Streams > Select the stream you want to collect data from and copy the measurement ID (i.e. G-XXXXXXXXXX)
  3. If it's a Universal Analytics property go to Tracking Info > Tracking Code and copy the Tracking ID (i.e. UA-XXXXXXXXX-X)
Enter the tracking code into PheedLoop:
  1. Copy the Tracking ID or Measurement ID from the step above.
  2. In the PheedLoop Dashboard, navigate to General > Details > Advanced Options and Finance and paste the code into Google Analytics Tracking ID.
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