Using Offline Badge Printing Using your On-site Printer

As part of PheedLoop's On-site Badge Printer solutions, you will have the capability to print badges locally without needing to connect your rented printers to the internet. Although it is recommended to connect to internet to maximize the on-site check-in kiosk and badge printing experience, we've created two methods of offline printing as back-up options. We recommend setting these options up in advance of your event as the setup time is considerable. 

Option A - Connecting your Zebra Printer to a Local Computer via USB:
Please note for this option your computer device must still be connected to the internet in order to load the PheedLoop dashboard.

  1. Download and Install Browser Print from Zebra. ( Mac Download / Windows Download). Please note that you will be required to fill out a Browser Print Request form. Fill out the appropriate information and complete your download. Although the process is slightly lengthy, the user guide provided is very detailed and will assist you with completing the setup. 

  2. Once Browser Print has been installed and is running on your computer, you can add your printers to your PheedLoop Dashboard the same way that you would normally do. Read our guide here

  3. Plug in the USB Printer Cable into your computer device to connect your Zebra Printer. 

  4. To test your connection, within the dashboard to Attendees > Click into an Attendee > Blue Action Button > Print Badge. You will now have the option to select your printers from a drop down list. Within the drop down list you may see a few options:

    [USB] The printer has been detected on a USB connection.
    [Network] The Printer is connected to the PheedLoop Print Server.
    [Offline] The Printer was not detected.

  5. If your printer is detected under the USB flag - then you are good to go! You are now able to select this printer and print your badge as your normally can. 

Option B - Creating a PDF of your Badge Labels:
Please note that this option provides you the capability of exporting your attendee badge labels in the format of a PDF. It's up to you on how you would like to leverage the PDF. We recommend testing this in advance of your event so that you fully understand its capabilities. 

  1. Navigate to your dashboard > Click into Attendees > Select your attendees > Click on the Blue Action Button > Print Badge.
  2. Within the Select Template field - choose the the badge template you would like to export a PDF for. An orange Download as PDF button will now show up in the modal. 
  3. Click into the Download PDF button and a PDF will generate and export within your browser's download folder.

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