Setting Up The Moneris Integration

Please note that to use the Moneris Integration, this would be a feature that you would have to add at a cost of $950 per year.

Moneris is a popular back-end for accepting payments via PheedLoop. Please reach out to support team to access this payment processor. To integrate with Moneris, there are a couple of steps that you will need to follow.

Step 1 - Login to Moneris

Login to your Moneris account, typically via this page

Step 2 - Create Moneris Checkout Config Profile

Use the Admin > Moneris Checkout Config > Create Profile. Doing this will create a temporary profile. You will brought into a new page where you will be asked to edit the profile.

Step 3 - Edit the Profile

To ensure you setup the Moneris Checkout Config Profile correctly, you will need the following toggles on. Click on Admin > Moneris Checkout Config.

  • Checkout Type → Toggle on I have my custom order form and want to use Moneris simply for payment processing
  • Payment → Transaction Type  → Purchase
  • Payment → Card Logos → Display Supported Cards should be disabled
  • Payment → Payment Security Auto Decision by Moneris should be toggled on
  • Payment → Payment Security → CVV can either be Optional or Mandatory
  • Branding & Design → Colours → Background should be White
  • Branding & Design Customizations → Enable Fullscreen should be disabled
  • Branding & Design → Customizations → Card Borders/Shadows should be disabled
  • Branding & Design → Customizations → Process Text should be Checkout
  • Branding & Design → Customizations → Cancel Text should be Cancel or Back
  • Order ConfirmationOrder Confirmation Processing → Toggle on Use Own Page
  • Order Confirmation → Confirmation Page Content Toggle off Order ID, Customer Info, Shipping Info, Billing Info, Custom Message
  • Email Confirmation → Toggle Off Order Info, Shipping Info, Payment Info, Customer Info, Approved Transaction

Scroll up to the top of the page and click on Save Changes. At the very top, you will be able to make note of your Checkout ID.

Step 4 - Save your Moneris Credentials

You will need three values to connect Moneris. Gather this information and keep it safely stored.

  • [  ] Store Id
  • [  ] API Token
  • [  ] Checkout Id
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