Creating Custom Lead Retrieval Questions for Exhibitors

Exhibitor lead retrieval is one of the most powerful ways to help exhibitors gather value at your event. PheedLoop offers two primary mechanisms to help your exhibitors capture leads, and it comes down to whether your event is in-person or virtual (or maybe both!). To learn more about this, visit this video tutorial here.

This article will cover the

This article will cover the use of PheedLoop's Custom Lead Retrieval Form feature. Currently, the default Lead Retrieval form will feature sliding scales for Budget, Authority, Need, Timing along with a comment box. If you would like to customize the Lead Retrieval form for each exhibitor, you are able to do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms > and create a New Form. Ensure this form is under the General Survey Category. Add your questions to this form accordingly.
  2. Navigate to Exhibitors > Click into an Exhibitor and associate the newly created form via the Lead Retrieval Form dropdown.
  3. You are able to customize Lead Retrieval Forms on a per Exhibitor basis!
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