Using the File Upload Question Feature in Custom Form

With PheedLoop’s file upload feature, you can require attendees to upload files as part of their response. 

This update offers more flexibility for what attendees can respond with and the types of questions administrators can ask. Now anyone filling out a response will have the option to upload a file in addition to their answer.

1. Creating A File Upload Question

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms
  2. Select a prefilled form or create a new custom form
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and select Add Question 
  4. Select the option at the bottom of the field labelled File Upload Input which will give your form the option to attach files

You can write your question under the Name field, you must fill this field out before you can save your question as indicated by the asterisk. Optionally, you may include a description for further elaboration.

When you select the Required checkbox, users have to submit a file before the form can be completed. Users can upload one file with a maximum size of 10 MB.

You can also select the Hide Question checkbox to restrict a question for private use. If you no longer need a question, select the Remove Question button. Select the Confirm button to finalize deletion.

2. Testing File Input Question

You can see what your file input question appears like by testing it out. For example, if you added it to your event website’s registration you could conduct a test registration.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, select Event Portals > Event Website
  2. Select the Register Now button to begin your event website registration
  3. Upload a file when prompted

3. Downloading File Input Results

Submissions are vital for event success and PheedLoop respects the effort users put in by compiling information in our portal.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Create your own form and ensure Form Responses is selected under Report Type
  3. Under Fields tab and include or excluding variables like Name and Email. Under Fields, ensure the Responses field is included. 
  4. Under Form, Include your form you assigned File Input Question with 
  5. Above the report's table, select Actions > Generate Report 
  6. Select a Download Previous Report button that will appear on the row of your selected report

The compiled response will be available for download as an xlsx file openable by any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

4. Common Use Cases

Sometimes, words alone aren’t enough as a response. An event website may want a file upload feature to enhance the overall event experience. As an example, an event may require proof of vaccination from attendees to enter an event. With our file upload feature, you can assign a task for attendees to upload proof of vaccination.

But file uploads aren’t just limited to checklists, file uploads play an important role in keeping events organized. Some use cases include:

  1. Sharing files with members for your event - Speakers may need to send files as part of their events and PheedLoop offers a convenient and safe storage so that members can access their information at any time.
  2. Event Feedback - Sometimes the best way to provide feedback is through pictures of video. File uploads offer valuable context for event organizers and staff at PheedLoop to better improve service and accessibility.
  3. Contracts - Making sure attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers all fill out their documentation is tough. With PheedLoop’s file upload feature you can now keep track of who has completed their assigned tasks and get signed documents straight from their response.
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