Setting Up an Onsite Check in Form

Note: This feature requires the On-Site Check-In power up to use.

Among other features, having the On-Site Check-In power up enabled gives attendees the option to sign themselves in for the event. If you wish, you can also set up a form for attendees to fill out before they can be signed in.

This form can be intended for many purposes such as a self assessment for COVID-19. As long as there are questions to be answered, the On-Site Check-In form can be a suitable option.

1. Creating a form for On-Site Check-In

Forms can be assigned to check in from your Event Dashboard. Please note that you can only have one On-Site Check-In form active at a time for your event.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms
  2. Above the Custom Forms table, select Create
  3. Create a name for your form and ensure On-Site Check-In is selected in Category
  4. Enter your questions as required

The description and questions will now appear when an attendee checks themself for an event.

2. Testing the On-Site Check-In form

You can test your On-Site Check-In form from the On-Site Portal.

  1. From the Event Portals, navigate to On-Site Portals > OnSight (Check-In Kisok)
  2. From the new page, select Search
  3. Select your attendee’s name and select Confirm Check-In > Yes

The On-Site Check-In form should now prompt, requiring completion before checking the attendee into the event.

3. Downloading Form Responses

Once all the forms have been completed, you can download their responses as a CSV file.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms 
  2. Select  your On-Site Check-In form
  3. Select the Responses tab
  4. Above the Responses table, select Download CSV (the cloud icon with the arrow pointing down)
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