Using the Connected Exhibitors and Sponsors Feature

When creating exhibitor or sponsor profiles for your event, you may come across an overlap between a sponsor which could also be an exhibitor or vice versa. Instead of creating two separate profiles for a sponsor and an exhibitor, you have the option to create one and link that exhibitor to a sponsor profile making it easier to create and save time whilst you are preparing for your event. 

This Link Sponsor and Link Exhibitor feature allows you to make changes in one either the exhibitor or sponsor profile and have it immediately edited in the other profile. This way you can have confidence that information can be shared between the two profiles without the extra hassle of copying and pasting whilst worrying about any missing details.

Linking Exhibitors to Sponsors

Whether you need to link your exhibitor profile to a sponsor profile or a sponsor profile to an exhibitor profile, the process is the exact same. In this example, we will use the Link Sponsor button through the exhibitor side.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Exhibitors > Exhibitors
  2. Select an exhibitor you would like to link to a sponsor profile from the list
  3. In the exhibitor editor form, toggle on the Link Sponsor checkbox
    1. When editing a sponsor profile, the Link Exhibitor button will appear instead.
  4. Select Save Changes

A new sponsor profile will be created and added in the sponsor table in the Event Dashboard, if you navigate to Sponsors > Sponsors.

Quick Tip - Once the two profiles are linked, all updates created in the Exhibitor Portal will sync to their Sponsor Portal or vice versa.

Quick Tip - If you have two profiles already created prior to linking them, you would just have to delete one or the other. Then go to the non-deleted profile and Link Sponsor or Link Exhibitor accordingly. There is no way to connect an existing sponsor to an existing exhibitor or the other way around.

What Information is Linked Between Exhibitors and Sponsors?

Once you link the profile, you can select the profile again to open the editor form and you will now find a new paperclip icon beside most fillable fields. This paperclip icon indicates that the field you are about to fill out will directly change the opposite profile it is linked to.

Here are a list of fields that will overlap after linking an exhibitor or sponsor profile:

Basic Details

  • Organization Name, Tagline, Description, Instructions, Managers/Staff, Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, Managers Limit


  • Logo, Banner, Thumbnail


  • Email, Organization Website, Twitter Link, Youtube Video, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram


  • Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Choose a Country, Province/State, City, Zip/Postal Code, Work Phone, Mobile Phone
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