Important Graphic Assets for the Virtual Portal, Event App, and Event Website

Along with the versatility of PheedLoop’s customization, there are multiple areas where you are able to insert your own images and graphics in the Event Dashboard. This allows for further personalization in your event and how you want your desired event to look like.

Graphic Assets for General Information

General > Design > Logos

  • Event Logo
  • White Event Logo
    • This logo has to be a clean white color to avoid any issues with the header.
  • Event Thumbnail
    • Shown wherever thumbnail pictures not set, including profile photos, or when logo required on smaller screens. Recommended size: 500 x 500 PNG.
  • Email Header Image
    • Shown in the header of all emails sent from your event instead of your event's logo. Recommended size: 600 x 400 PNG.

General > Design > Banner Images

  • Event Badge Banner
    • Image used on every event badge. recommended size: 500px x 110px.
    • This is only relevant to those who use our Rush Badge Printing, please review our article on this here.
  • Portal Banner Image
    • Image used on every event portal (speaker portal, exhibitor portal etc.). recommended size: 750px x 300px.
  • Check-In Kiosk Banner Image
    • Banner image for the event check-in kiosk, generally the color of your banner image should match the event theme color. recommended size: 1500px x 250px.
    • This is only relevant if you are using our on-site badge printing kiosks.

Graphic Assets for the Virtual Event Portal

Experiences > Virtual > Design > Images

  • Virtual Portal Logo
    • Custom image visible at the top left of the Virtual Event portal. If unset, your event's logo will be used instead. Events typically use this image to promote a primary sponsor along with the event's logo. We recommend dimensions of 900 x 100 pixels with a transparent background and no white space padding your image.
  • Virtual Portal Login Image
    • Custom image visible on the login page before entering the virtual event portal. Events typically use this image to promote a primary sponsor. We recommend dimensions of 800w x 900h pixels with a transparent background and no white space padding your image.
  • Virtual Portal Lobby Banner
    • Custom image visible in the lobby section of your virtual event, often used to highlight a primary sponsor. Recommended size 1000w x 200h, PNG or GIF.
  • Global Meet & Stream Background
    • Custom background image rendered as a background in your Meet & Stream broadcasts for sessions. Only applies if Meet & Stream via the backstage is being used to stream a session. The custom background will be visible live and in recordings, and is an excellent way to promote the event's brand and/or sponsors. The image may also be an animated GIF (will be played in a loop automatically). The recommended resolution for the image is 1920 x 1080. If a GIF is being used, the file size should be under 20 MB for best results. If a Meet & Stream background image is set for a specific session, it will take precedence over this global image setting for that session.
  • Virtual Photo Booth Background
    • Custom background image rendered as a background for your virtual photo booth (640w x 480h). Typically this is a nice background featuring your event's theme color and logo. We recommend putting your logo in one corner of the image, and perhaps a sponsor's logo in another corner, as the attendee's face will consume the middle area of the selfie they take.

Graphic Assets for the Mobile Event App

Experiences > Mobile App > Settings > Design & Sponsorship

  • Home Banner Image
    • The wide banner image is shown in the event application. Recommended size: 750 x 350 JPEG.
  • Menu Banner Image
    • Shown above items of pull out menu in event app, often used to advertise a sponsor. If this image is not set, the event's logo is used. Recommended size: 350 x 200 JPEG.
  • App Splash Screen Sponsor Image
    • Shown directly before your event loads in the event app. Use this to emphasize on any one of your sponsors. Recommended size: 1080 x 1920.

Graphic Assets for the Event Website

Experiences > Website > Sections > Home Carousel > Additional Settings

  • Background Image
    • Custom background image rendered as a background in your section. This image will be resized to fit the section.
    • Recommend an image similar to a wallpaper style image. 5,000 by 5,000 pixels.
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