Using No Ticket Registration

PheedLoop's No Ticket registration is a feature that allows you to not require the purchase of a ticket to complete a registration. This completely removes the Tickets step of the registration process but maintains nearly all of the same functionality.

This is a great feature to consider if you are in scenarios where you don't need the attendee to actually select a ticket and checkout. This could be used if you are providing registration for staff who are coming to the event for free anyways.

You can enable this feature on a per category basis. Learn more below.

1. Assigning No Ticket Category

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Categories
  2. Above the categories table, select Create
  3. Toggle on the Active and No Ticket Category checkbox
  4. Fill out Name
    1. Feel free to customize the category in any way you desire.
  5. Select Save Changes

After this category is created with both the Active and No Ticket Category checkboxes toggled on, attendees will be able to go through their registration without purchasing any tickets.

2. Edit the No Ticket Welcome Email 

As soon as the attendee makes it to the success page of the registration process, this will automatically trigger the No Ticket Registration Welcome email and it will be sent to the email they registered with.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Communications > Email Templates
  2. Select the No Ticket Registration Welcome email template from the list
  3. In the email template editor form, under Subject, edit the subject of the email
  4. Under Body Text, edit the custom content you would like to have in the email
  5. Toggle on the Enable Call-To-Action Button checkbox to send a link to their Event App
    1. Toggle this off if you need to.
  6. Toggle on the Include Login Credentials checkbox, to send the attendee their email and password login information.
  7. Select Save Changes
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