How to Create Attendee Promotion Codes

Promotion codes are a great feature to use when you want to give attendees discounts on a percentage or monetary value basis. Similarly to promo codes you have probably used in the past, you can assign a password to retrieve the discount but also have the ability to restrict and maximize the use and detail of each code.

1. Creating Promo Codes for Attendees

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Promotions
  2. Above the promotions table, select Create
  3. Toggle on the Active checkbox, this will make the promo code usable
  4. Under Name, fill out the name of the promo code
  5. Under Promotion Code, fill out the code you would want attendees to enter to access the discount
  6. Under Discount Amount, fill out the number which you would like the promo code to take off the total amount of the ticket
  7. Under Discount Percentage, fill out the percent the promo code will discount off the total amount of the ticket
    1. Fill out either the Discount Amount OR Discount Percentage, if you fill out both, it will deduct both from the registration.
  8. Under Uses, fill out the maximum number of times this promotion is allowed to be applied to a registration
  9. Under Connected Tickets, choose the tickets you would like to connect to the promo code
    1. The promotion code will not apply unless a ticket from this list is added to the cart.
    2. If you leave this blank, the promo code will be able to be used for every ticket an attendee can purchase.
  10. Under Advanced Settings, toggle on the Single Application Only checkbox if you want the promo code to impact one of each ticket in registration
  11. Under Purchase Minimum, fill out the minimum price an attendee must checkout with for them to implement the promo code
  12. Select Save Changes
Note - only a single promotion code can be used per registration. By entering a second promotion code, the other will cancel out and be replaced.
Quick Tip - to learn about manually adding promotion codes to registrations, review our article here.

2. Testing Promotion Codes

After you create your promo code, it’s recommended that you test it out by going through your own registration process!

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Event Portals > Event Website
  2. From the Event Website, select Register Now
  3. Navigate through the registration flow until you get to Tickets
  4. Add the tickets to checkout and under Discount Code, fill out the promo code
  5. Select Apply

If done correctly, the intended discount will apply to the registration! Make sure to double check the spelling as the promo codes are case sensitive.

3. Downloading a Promotion Code Report

3 (A). Creating a Promo Code Report

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Above the custom reports table, select Create
  3. Under Report Type, select Promotions
  4. Under Name, fill out the name of the report
  5. Under Fields, select Code, Promotion Code, Stakeholder Code, Promotion Code Name, Amount, and Date Applied
  6. Under Start Date and End Date, fill out the specific date the report will extract the information from
  7. Select Save Changes

3 (B). Downloading the Custom Report

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Select the promotions report from the list
  3. Above the custom reports table, select Actions > Generate Report
  4. Once the report is created, select Download Previous Report
    1. Depending on the size of the report this may take a while and will need a refresh of the browser.
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