Adding and Using Ticket Forms During Registration

Ticket forms is a feature that allows you to ask questions on a per ticket basis. This is great if you are looking to ask each ticket a certain set of questions or if you are looking to ask questions conditionally based on tickets. When attendees go through specific channels, they will have to answer the form in order to proceed.

Quick tip - this is different from the Registration Category Form. That form is asked during the registration step second step only to the main registrant.

Create a Form

By default, there are a number of forms present in the Custom Forms page and more available when you create a new custom form.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms
  2. Above the Form table, select Create
  3. Under Category, select General Survey
  4. Fill out the Description box if necessary
  5. Select Add Question
    1. From here you can include a variety of response types including text answers, multiple choice, and questions requiring a file to be uploaded.
  1. Select Save Changes

Associating the Form

Once your form is created, you can now associate it to a ticket of your choosing.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Tickets
  2. Select the ticket you wish to associate the form with from the list
  3. Scroll down to Connections
  4. Under Ticket Form, select the form you wish to associate with from the list
  5. Select Save Changes

Any registrants will have to complete this form before being able to proceed to checkout.

Testing the Form

The best way to test your form is by going through the registration process as a registrant.

  1. From the Event Website, navigate to Register Now
  2. Proceed through the registration process like a regular registrant
  3. In the Ticket page, select your ticket with the associated form

You should now see a form attached to the bottom of the ticket, requiring you to complete it before proceeding to checkout.

Downloading Results with Custom Reports

Along with creating forms, PheedLoop records the responses which can be called on for review through Custom Reports. Just like with forms, reports also have a number of default options that can be used and even more report types to make use of.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Above the Reports list, select Create
  3. Under Report Type, select Ticket Purchases
  4. Type a name and optionally include a description
  5. Under Fields, select Form along with any other variables you wish to include in the report
  6. Under Tickets, select the ticket you created or leave blank if you want to include all tickets
  7. Leave the Start Date and End Date blank
  8. Select Save Changes

Your report will now be ready:

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Above the Reports list, select Actions > Generate Report
  3. Once generated, select the Download Previous Report button

A CSV file for your report will be downloaded to your device.

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