How to add Tax and Location Based Tax on Registration Tickets

PheedLoop offers the option to assign taxes for several provinces and states at once. We can even disable these taxes for registrants outside of North America. Please note that this feature is for the registration module only. 

Setting up Location Taxation List

When setting tax rates, it is important to combine the provincial/state as well as the federal tax rate into a total tax rate. Once set, you can create your Location Taxation List through the following:

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Settings
  2. Scroll down to Advanced Options
  3. Under Location Taxation List, select Download Template
  4. Open the file and fill out the provinces and states along with the total tax rates
  5. Include your provinces as two-letter state/province codes and total tax rates.
  6. Copy and paste the list into the Location Taxation List text box
  7. Select Save Changes

Please note, that states and provinces must be added as letters in order to function properly.

If the registrant is outside of Canada or the province is not included in the list, there will be no tax charge in checkout. Please note they will still be charged the tax set under General > Details if enabled. 

Setting up General Tax 

If you would like to establish a general tax for your event, you can choose to set up a General Tax rather than use the Location Taxation List.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to General > Details
  2. Under Advanced Options and Finance, fill in the tax percentage under Tax Percent
  3. Select Save Changes

The tax will be applied to all transactions, on top of the total cost of tickets plus any additional fees. 

Setting Tax Rates per Category 

A fixed tax rate can also be applied to individual categories, meaning you can charge attendees a certain percentage while another category like sponsors is charged something else.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Categories
  2. Scroll down to Payment
  3. Toggle on the Use Fixed Tax Percent checkbox
  4. Please note that this will override the location or organization based tax percentages and the event tax percent.
  5. Under Tax Percent, fill in the tax percentage
  6. Select Save Changes 
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