Downloading and Sending Personalized Attendee Schedules

The schedule page contains the list of sessions for an event. Each attendee can use their own personal schedule to view the sessions they have registered for. If the session is not present in their schedule then the attendee has not registered for that session. Personal schedules can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Event organizers possess the option to view and send schedules to Attendees from the Event Dashboard. 

Downloading Schedules from the Event Website 

Before attendees can download their schedule, the setting must be enabled in the Event Dashboard.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Website > Settings
  2. Under General Settings, toggle on the Show Schedule Downloads checkbox
  3. Select Save Changes

Attendees will now be able to download the Schedule page on the Event Website. Two buttons will appear called Download Event Schedule and Download Personal Schedule. Downloading the Event Schedule will show all of the sessions as a pdf file while downloading the Personal Schedule will only show the sessions the attendee has registered for. 

Downloading Schedules from the Mobile App 

Attendees can also download their schedules from the Mobile App similarly to the Event Website. This is a default feature and cannot be edited from the Event Dashboard.

  1. From the Mobile App, navigate to Schedule > Calendar
  2. Select the download icon at the bottom right corner of the screen

A pdf file containing all the registered events for the attendee will be downloaded. 

Viewing and Sending Schedules from the Event Dashboard 

The feature to view and send schedules from the Event Dashboard is useful for organizers to help attendees receive their schedules. This is ideal in the event the attendee is unable to download their schedule themself or if an event organizer wants to ensure everyone receives their schedule ahead of the event start date.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Attendees > Attendees
  2. Select the checkbox of the attendee(s) you wish to send to from the list
  3. Above the Attendees table, select Actions > Schedule > Send

The schedule will now be sent to the attendee in the email assigned to them in the Event Dashboard. Optionally, event organizers can view the schedule if they select View instead of Send.

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