How to Claim Power-Up Credits from the Event Dashboard

PheedLoop’s power-up credits are a great way to give control over to you as an event organizer. When signing up with PheedLoop, your organization will receive these credits if included in your contract. This is ideal in letting you decide which events you will want to use your power-ups for.

Credits are assigned on a per organization basis meaning they can be shared across multiple events as long as they are created under the same one.

Even if power-ups are not included in your contract, you can still purchase them from the event dashboard.

Credits can be redeemed for all power-ups including: 

  • Gamification 
  • On-Site Check-In 
  • Advanced Networking 
  • Advanced Audience Interaction 
  • Advanced SmartSight 
  • WhiteLabel App 
  • Live Display

Using a Credit in the Event Dashboard

  1. From the Event Dashboard, select your account email on the top right corner and select Settings 
  2. In the new page, navigate to Accounts & Billing > Event Power-Ups 
  3. Select your event 
  4. Select Claim 
  5. Select Redeem credit for this event 
    1. If you would like to purchase the power-up instead of using up a credit, you can fill out your payment information at the bottom of the pop-up and select Confirm and Pay.
  6. Refresh the page to see changes
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