Adding Additional Email Addresses for Event Notifications

Custom notifications can be sent to designated email addresses if select conditions are met. This is good to use if you want to add colleagues on a notification list when people meet certain conditions. These conditions can be triggered if any of the following are completed:

  • Completing a sponsor application
    • Please note this requires the Sponsor & Exhibitor Application System module.
  • Completing an exhibitor application
    • Please note this requires the Sponsor & Exhibitor Application System module.
  • Joining a waitlist for a ticket
    • Please note submitting proposals requires the Call for Abstracts/Proposals System module
  • Whenever a speaker submits a proposal

Setting up Notifications

Custom notifications are toggled off by default.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to General > Notifications
  2. Navigate to the condition the recipient wants to receive notifications for
    1. Sponsor Registration - Whenever a sponsor applies for the event.
    2. Exhibitor Registration - Whenever an exhibitor applies for the event.
    3. New Waitlist Entries - Whenever a user joins a waitlist for a ticket. For more information, please visit our Using Registration Waitlist article.
    4. Proposal Submissions - Whenever a proposal is submitted. 
  3. Enter the email address in the field
    1. Make sure to separate multiple email addresses with commas.
  4. Select Save Changes

Email notifications will now be sent whenever the above conditions are triggered.

Setting up Registration Category Notifications

An additional notification can be established based on who registers for an event in any given category. Unlike the other notifications, this option is not located in General page.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Categories
  2. Select the Category you wish to edit from the list
  3. Scroll down to Other
  4. Under Notification Emails, enter the email(s) you wish to notify
  5. Select Save Changes

The emails in the Notification Emails field will now be alerted every time a registration is made in the specified category. To receive notifications for multiple categories, you will need to add your email to each respective category.

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