How to Setup Add-on Tickets for Registration

Add-on tickets are a condition that can be set from the Event Dashboard. Any ticket designated as an Add-on ticket will require the attendee to purchase at least one non Add-on ticket before they can check out with an Add-on ticket.

Like with any other ticket, Attendees purchase additional tickets from their member portal at any time. For more information on the Member Portal, please review our Getting Started with Membership Management article.

Setting up Add-on tickets

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Tickets
  2. Above the Tickets table, select Create
    1. Alternatively, select an existing ticket to turn it into an Add-On ticket
  3. Scroll down to Options
  4. Toggle on the Add On Ticket checkbox
  5. Select Save Changes

The ticket will now be an Add-on ticket and will be displayed as one at checkout. Users will not be able to checkout with only Add-on tickets in their cart. If an user tries to checkout with only Add-on tickets they will be met with an error message that reads:

“Please ensure your ticket selections do not contain only add-on tickets”

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