Accessing Account API Keys and Using PheedLoop’s Open API Endpoints

API Keys are an important part of integrating with other Platforms with PheedLoop. These keys are necessary to use the many integrations compatible with PheedLoop such as Zapier, Stripe and many more.

Acquiring your Organization’s unique API Key, API Secret Key, and Organization Code

  1. From the Event Dashboard, select your email on the top right corner and select Settings
  2. Navigate to Integrations
  3. Under Rest API, select Get Started
  4. Copy the Organization Code field
  5. Copy the API Key field
  6. Select Generate New API Secret and copy the API Secret Key
    1. Please note that the API Secret Key will only be generated once. We strongly advise keeping a note of this key as it will not be shown again. Generating a new key will result in previously connected integrations to become disconnected as a security measure.

All API Documentation at PheedLoop is publicly available at  

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