How User Credits Work

User credits are an important part of the PheedLoop system, as they are essentially what the majority of our pricing is based upon. The definition of user credits is expressed in sales demos, collateral, and your contract with us if you're looking for a direct reference.

What is a User?

A user is anyone registered for a unique event of yours, including but not limited to attendees, speakers, and exhibit staff. You can always delete users in case you receive any undesirable registrants, prior to your event. The same individual registered for 2 separate events is counted as 2 users.

What if I am Running Out of User Credits?

Not a problem, visit the Account & Billing section of your dashboard to add more user credits. The price of each user credit will depend on how many you're buying at that given point of time (not the cumulative user credits you have in your account), and which modules have been enabled for your account. If you initially purchased fewer than 500 user credits and were subject to the $1,000 flat fee for the base platform instead of the per-user credit fee for the base platform, you do not need to pay that again. The base platform module is treated the same way as any other module, as is the case with all the price tiers.
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